We believe one measure of success for a dance weekend is that it appears to flow effortlessly. Behind the scenes, though, it takes an enormous amount of work to make the SDR the great weekend it has become. We welcome any and all hands to lighten the work load.

We need volunteers for many short-duration tasks during SDR. These don’t require any special skills or knowledge, only the desire to help in return for being hugged and/or thanked profusely. Items marked with an asterisk are especially problematic for us to handle on our own, which makes us even more appreciative of your help. We give extra hugs for those.

Please consider volunteering an hour or two at SDR this year. If you’re willing to help, just email Francine Warwick (sdrvolunteer@tcdancers.org) and let her know which task you have in mind. We’d love to have all of these claimed by volunteers before SDR begins.

Here is what we need and when:

Early Volunteers At Camp Sertoma: [these activities occur during the day on Friday]

SDR Ambiance Enhancers:Needed Friday from early morning until mid-afternoon to help put up lights and decorations in and around the dance hall. Reports to Jim or Viola.

*SDR Early Table Dancers: Set up tables and chairs in the dining hall before 2:00 p.m. on Friday. Sometimes requires herding free-range tables from other camp buildings. A dining hall setup plan is provided. Reports to Francine.

SDR Dining Hall Decorator: Dresses the dining hall tables before 4:00 p.m. on Friday. Places tablecloths on tables, arranges flowers in vases, and puts out candles. Everything necessary will be provided, and you may recruit helpers as you wish. Reports to Francine.

Volunteers During SDR:

SDR Comfort: Makes sure bathrooms in Lodge and dance hall are supplied with paper goods, trash cans are emptied, and vanity tops wiped. Reports to Bev.

SDR Snack Volunteer: Recruits other helpers during the waltz just before the break Friday and Saturday night and brings the late night snacks from the kitchen to the dance hall patio. Throws away trash and returns kitchen utensils to the kitchen afterward. No dish washing is required. We will show the volunteer what food should be brought up and where it is stored before the night dance begins. Reports to Francine.

SDR Dining Darlings: Three volunteers needed at each meal to help Just Joe keep supplies of serving ware and beverages stocked. One volunteer helps set up before the meal begins. Another helps during the first half of the meal and eats during the second half; the third will eat first and help out during the second half. Reports to Just Joe.

SDR Water Bearer: Keeps water jugs outside the dance hall filled. Drinking-certified hose will be run to this location, and lemon juice provided for adding to the water. Reports to Jim.

SDR Broom Meisters: Dance hall sweepers - at the breaks and after the dances are over. Reports to Jim.

*SDR Dining Hall Hero: Someone(s) to tidy up the dining hall after late night jamming. The after dance party usually creates a huge, sometimes nasty mess for the poor, bleary-eyed dining hall staff to clean up at 6 a.m…. Reports to Chris.

SDR Light Keeper: Turns off the dance hall and dining hall lights late at night. Reports to Jim.

SDR Porch Primper(s): Tidy up the porches, especially after night snacks. Reports to Francine.

Late Volunteers At Camp Sertoma: [these activities occur right after the Farewell Dance on Sunday]

*SDR Kitchen Angels: Help gather, wrap, distribute, inventory, and pack all remaining food items and disposable serving ware immediately after the last dance on Sunday. Help with this is enormously appreciated – we suffer a major time bottleneck here because we cannot clean the dining hall or kitchen until the gathering and packing are done. Reports to Francine.

*SDR Late Table Dancers: Wipe down dining hall tables, then help put chairs on top of the tables so the floor can be mopped immediately after the last Sunday dance. Reports to Just Joe or Francine.

*SDR Pack n’ Players: 6 - 8 volunteers from 2:15 until 4:30 p.m. More volunteers, shorter time needed! Help pack up sound engineer's equipment. Help take down and pack dance hall lighting and decorations. Reports to Jim and Viola. Two managers – twice as many hugs.

SDR Lost and Found Volunteer: Cruises through all areas of the camp after the attendees have left, gathers wayward belongings, and puts them in the lobby of the lodge. Reports to Chris.

*SDR schleppers: Need people to haul TCD supplies and equipment back to the warehouse in Efland after take-down late Sunday afternoon. This is hugely helpful – the schepping is an ongoing logistical problem for us. Reports to Jim.