Single dance admissions        Single dance admissions        Single dance admissions
We have limited space for single dance/partial weekend registrations as follows:
Dances:  Sat. night $30         Friday or Sunday dance $25         Saturday workshops (all day) $30.
Lodging: Cabin/tenting space is $30/$20 per night
Meals:     Breakfast $12         Lunch $15        Saturday Dinner $25
IMPORTANT: We cannot guarantee availability of meals for single dance registrations. If you plan to pay at the door and want meal(s), please email as soon as possible. *********************************************************************

Please join us for Spring Dance Romance 2017 - our annual celebration of spring through dance and community. SDR 2017 promises to be a especially unforgettable weekend, dancing to our incredible lineup of bands and callers in the lovely Sandhills region of North Carolina.

We are very exited to have Pete's Posse (Pete Sutherland, Oliver Scanlon, Tristan Henderson). This trio really know how to get folks dancing, and then some. Amazing sounds and rhythms.

Joining the Posse, for the first time at SDR, we are lucky to have Boom Chuck (Laurie Fisher, Nic Coker, TJ Crow). Very tight, high-energy, fiddle, guitar, and hot keyboards. Expect some very kinetic dance music.

Calling delightful and mesmerizing dances we are happy to welcome back the incredible Adina Gordon from Asheville, along with energetic Rick Mohr.

All of this at our beautiful venue Camp Millstone in Ellerbe, NC. Nice, modern cabins, plus a lake for swimming and paddling. See on area map or on Google Map)

Don't miss out on this weekend! Registration is open now!

See you on the dance floor!