Damage to Floor at Meredith College

January 01, 2007

Did you have fun at the Meredith Dance?

Those of you who attended the Meredith Dance experienced the fun and excitement of an excellent dance in a new venue. George Marshall worked his magic by calling accessible and flowing dances, teaching them in a smooth and clear way so that newbies and experienced dancers alike had a great time. The Big Celtic Fun Band played hot tunes, with Barry providing a skillful sound mix in a very challenging hall. Attendance was excellent, so that even with Meredith students attending the dance without charge, and the added expense of flying George Marshall down from New England, we broke even.

Unfortunately, there was significant floor damage done during the dance. With 20/20 hindsight, it’s quite clear that TCD should have monitored the shoe situation much more vigilantly. Because of the floor damage, Meredith refinished their floor on Dec. 18. This is an added expense as they typically refinish the floor in August each year. Their refinishing expense is $2,000.

TCD has filed a claim with our insurance company to see if it will cover the cost of the re-finishing. We don’t have a deductible amount on this policy, so if the insurance covers it, then the expense will be completely paid. If the insurance doesn’t cover it, Meredith and TCD have agreed to share the cost of the re-finishing (i.e., a $1000 donation from TCD to Meredith).

We already have $400 offered by private individuals on the TCD board in the event that our insurance doesn’t cover the damage. If warranted, we will be asking for donations from dancers to help cover the other $600. If 120 dancers contributed $5 each, we’d have it covered. We will be updating you during announcements and with signs at the door about this situation.

To make sure this experience isn’t replicated, the TCD board is writing up a protocol to follow when holding a dance in a different venue. We are also going to be making more of an effort to protect the CCC and Pleasant Green floors by providing reminders about dancers wearing soft-soled, clean, non-marking shoes to the dances.

We’re very sorry this happened. The dance itself was wonderful, and it’s a shame it ended with the need for so much floor repair.

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