Retrofitting Shoes for Contra

March 01, 2016

In the last Hey! I conducted a most unscientific survey of some of our most veteran contradancers. Bottom line: almost no one who dances contra long-term (and with a minimum of pain) does so in off-the-shelf shoes. Read More »

Contra Footwear

January 01, 2016

Shoes. They are perhaps the most important part of a contradancers "kit"--protecting the dancer's body from injury AND protecting the floors on which we dance. Read More »

New TCD Logo

November 01, 2015

TCD has a new logo! As always with TCD, it’s a story of people offering their time and talents and cooperating to achieve our goals.

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Lead? Follow? How about “Consensus”!

July 01, 2015

by Judith Muse. Some members of our community would like to de-emphasize the concept of gender. One suggestion for removing gender references from contra has been to use the terms “lead/follow” instead of “lady/gent”. This piece, written by TCD member Judith Muse in 2007 and updated for today, does a very fine job of describing contra partnership. Reprinted with her permission. Thanks Judith! Read More »

Linda Cooper is our local (dance) hero

July 01, 2015

Linda Cooper has been recognized by the Country Dance and Song Society for her contributions to our dance community. Thanks to Dianne Shaw for nominating Linda and for writing this piece (reprinted below, with permission). Read More »

Hear the Caller -- Connie Carringer

July 01, 2015

Connie is a local caller who also organizes a local dance: the Apex Family Dance, with the support of the Town of Apex and Halle Center for Cultural Arts. There are more details on her website: Read More »

Hear the Caller – Eileen Thorsos

May 01, 2015

I started dancing with Scottish Country Dance, and there I was drawn to becoming a teacher -- the SCD equivalent of a caller, although the roles are a little different. Read More »

Meet Your Musicians – Jim Roberts

May 01, 2015

Jim Roberts plays percussion for one of our favorite local bands--FootLoose. He’s done a great deal more in the music business than you might imagine and also teaches at Elon University. Read More »

Meet Your Musicians – Dean Herington

March 01, 2015

Dean is one of our amazingly versatile local musicians who plays piano, clarinet, and sax. He’s been known to collaborate with many of the usual suspects here in the Triangle, including as one of the original members of FootLoose, and as a musician for TCD’s Community contradance. Read More »

Hear the Caller – Jack Mitchell

March 01, 2015

Being a caller makes me a lot more aware of how dances work (and don't work) overall. I now think a lot more consciously about how dances flow and what makes for a good dance or an awkward dance. Read More »

Meet Your Musicians -- Buz Lloyd

January 01, 2015

Buz Lloyd is the driving force behind the Third Friday contradance at the Carrboro Century Center.

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Meet Your Musicians - Mara Shea

November 01, 2014

Contra dancers know Mara for her fiddle playing in such bands as The Elftones.

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David DiGiuseppe

September 01, 2014

David is that rare breed--a professional musician--who earns his living playing in several bands, performing as a soloist and story-teller, and writing books about his signature instrument, the accordion.

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Contra is Their Calling: A Conversation with Louie and Robert Cromartie

March 01, 2012

Louie and Robert Cromartie are a true contra couple. They met at a contra dance, got married, continue to dance and now both are well-known callers in and out of NC. Read More »

The Lore of the Century Center Floor

March 01, 2011

At the March 11 dance, Triangle Country Dancers will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the wonderful dance floor in the Century Center. Read More »

How to Twirl

March 01, 2008

Some dancers love to twirl, some don't. Although women have more opportunities to twirl, a lot of men enjoy twirling and spinning and work it in when they can. When asked why they love to twirl, both men and women dancers gave responses such as: because it is fun, challenging, satisfying, exhilarating, thrilling, it makes me feel ecstatic and energized, and it intensifies the "runner's high" I get from dancing. Read More »

Dance Trance

April 01, 2007

Dancing is not a fun hobby for me - it's a passion. One of the reasons that I have continued the "habit" for over 25 years is to experience what some call a dance trance. It's also been referred to as a natural high, alpha state, runners' high. and probably some other terms that I haven't heard. Read More »

Damage to Floor at Meredith College

January 01, 2007

... there was significant floor damage done during the dance. With 20/20 hindsight, it’s quite clear that TCD should have monitored the shoe situation much more vigilantly. Because of the floor damage, Meredith refinished their floor on Dec. 18. Read More »

Partnering Issues

July 01, 2006

I have stopped going to contra dances because no one asks me to dance, and the people don't seem friendly or open to me. (a fairly inexperienced dancer, and also two long-time intermittent dancers) Read More »

Giving Weight

July 01, 2005

Giving weight—a term often used in dance instructions as an essential skill—is not easy to explain and can be elusive to both newcomers and regulars. So, what exactly is it, and why is it so important?

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