Hey! from the President

March 01, 2002

Happy Birthday, TCD!
February 13th marked the fifteen-year anniversary of TCD's official status as a non-profit corporation. This milestone is an excellent opportunity to reflect upon the enduring spirit and dedication of our founders, and those who continue their efforts. Our humble beginning dates back to 1982, when eight or nine couples lined up on a front porch one summer evening for what would become our First Contra Dance. Today's membership of over 265 is evidence of how kindness and open acceptance can work to enrich the dance experience for all of us. Read More »

Sole on Ice by Mark Silver

October 01, 2001

In the 1960's Eldridge Cleaver coined the phrase, "You are either part of the solution, or you are part of the problem." In what follows, I know that I am part of the problem. It is my hope that, per Cleaver's admonition, I can become part of the solution instead. Read More »

My First Dance Weekend

August 01, 2001

by Rhiannon Giddens, before she went on to fame, fortune and the Grammys! Read More »

Dr. Dance--on injury awareness

April 01, 2000

With all the great stuff the HEY! has been publishing lately about dance etiquette, could you please address a reminder to some of the guys that they are dancing with others, often women, who don't have as much upper-body strength as they do? Read More »

TCD gets its own website

April 01, 2000

...We are also proud to announce a birth of sorts: TCD now has our own domain and infant web page. The address is www.TCDancers.org.

Read More »

Making a Connection by Jonathan Robie

October 01, 1999

For me, contra dance is all about hands, eyes, smiles, and warm contact, energized by the rhythm and the music in which we all move together. As many people retreat from human contact, spending more and more of their lives in front of the television and hooked on the Internet, contra dance is a reminder that human beings need to touch and be touched, to smile and be smiled at, and to make contact. Read More »

Spring Dance Redux

June 01, 1999

It was spring (cream-white dogwoods and blue skies), it was romantic (holding hands and smiling eyes), and boy, was it dance (500 feet in long lines). Yes, Spring Dance Romance blossomed once again in April at Camp Sertoma as more than 250 dancers spun, swung and sashayed to the fabulous music and calling of Wild Asparagus with George Marshall and the Elftones with Bree Kalb.

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Membership Dues Go Up

August 01, 1998

Our annual dues have been $10 a year for almost ten years and now the operating costs have been exceeding the dues by 50% (insurance, flyers, postage, computer expenses, sound equipment upgrades, donations to the halls we dance in, etc.). Read More »

Carrboro Century Center Fundraising

August 01, 1998

Please help us raise $25,000 by August 31, then next summer we could all be cooler! Carrboro bought the old Baptist Church (Weaver/Greensboro St.), and plans to use the second floor as the Carrboro Community Center (CC).

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Contra Flirting by Stephen Treimel

December 01, 1997

It occurred during our yearly dance weekend. I was spinning with someone special. I flirted. She scowled. YOW! Read More »

The Perfect Dance Hall

October 01, 1997

by Gene Hubert, TCD Vice-president Read More »

Dr. Dance--on sleaze dancing, line drift

October 01, 1997

Being an avowed sleaze dancer, I was horrified by your recent comments about sleaze dancing and now you propose to put an end to my fun. Read More »

Dance Hall Updates

December 01, 1996

As you may have already heard, Friends School has terminated contra dancing at their facility. We will be trying to use Pleasant Green Community Center when possible in the future. Although slightly smaller than Friends School, it makes up for its size with a great ambiance Read More »

New CSDA Dance Shoe Policy

December 01, 1996

...the use of Estes School is probationary until January '97. At this time the Principal of Estes will determine whether dancing can continue there based on the wear and tear of the floor. Read More »

Friends School Floor Damage

August 01, 1996

The Center Building is the primary performing arts space at Carolina Friends School. It must remain so for years to come. After much deliberation and consultation, it was decided that the building needs to cease being used so frequently for such large groups of adult dancers with vigorous dance floor needs. Read More »

SDR 1995

December 01, 1994

After much discussion the Steering Committee has decided to move SDR back to its original home, the Durham Civic Center. Camp Sertoma has been a wonderful home to SDR for the past five years but the civic center has been attractively remodeled and is available at a significant savings. Read More »

Dr. Dance--on physicists, flirting

December 01, 1994

I have been dancing less than a year and already I have met more Physicists at contra dances than I've ever met in the past 20 years. What gives? Is there something about contra dancing that attracts these people? Read More »

Damage to Glenwood School Floor

October 01, 1994

The Chapel Hill City Schools Maintenance Dept. has put CSDA on notice that if wear and tear to their floor is not minimized, dancing at Glenwood School will be curtailed. Read More »

SDR 1994

June 01, 1994

There was no waiting list this year and the gender balance was surprisingly very close. This means everyone who wanted to attend the event had an equal opportunity. Preliminary reports indicate the weekend was also a financial success despite the fact the event didn't sell out. Read More »

Friends School Piano Benefit

January 01, 1994

Remember the last Halloween dance? Remember the Hicks and the high-energy dance music they played? Remember the Friends School's piano falling off the stage? Read More »

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