Dr. Dance--on skirts, twirl choice, booking ahead

January 01, 1993

... it may be said that not all men know how to assist a twirl. Since it's such a lovely and popular activity, many men are eager to do it in order to please and impress their partners. However, until a man has thoroughly mastered the basics (e.g. maintaining a strong center of gravity, giving weight, dancing to the music, beginning and ending all steps on time) he may cause the lady to momentarily lose her balance when he attempts to twirl. Read More »

Dr. Dance--on hands-four, taking flight, turn-downs

November 01, 1992

During the past year or two, the experienced dancers have consistently caused two problems at dances: 1) breaking in or crowding in lines and 2) failing to take "hands -four" long enough for people further down the lines to see the pattern. Read More »

Dr. Dance--bewitched, bothered, and bewildered

September 01, 1992

I've been dancing for about four months and feel like I finally know what I'm doing. Except for one thing that drives me crazy. I don't understand this flirting business. Read More »

Very First SDR - 1988

April 22, 1988

Flyer for the first SDR, held at the Durham Civic Center (now called the Durham Armory) and Camp New Hope in Chapel Hill. Read More »

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