Retrofitting Shoes for Contra

March 01, 2016

In the last Hey! I conducted a most unscientific survey of some of our most veteran contradancers. Bottom line: almost no one who dances contra long-term (and with a minimum of pain) does so in off-the-shelf shoes. Read More »

Contra Footwear

January 01, 2016

Shoes. They are perhaps the most important part of a contradancers "kit"--protecting the dancer's body from injury AND protecting the floors on which we dance. Read More »

New CSDA Dance Shoe Policy

December 01, 1996

...the use of Estes School is probationary until January '97. At this time the Principal of Estes will determine whether dancing can continue there based on the wear and tear of the floor. Read More »

Damage to Glenwood School Floor

October 01, 1994

The Chapel Hill City Schools Maintenance Dept. has put CSDA on notice that if wear and tear to their floor is not minimized, dancing at Glenwood School will be curtailed. Read More »