Hey! from the President

March 01, 2002

Happy Birthday, TCD!
February 13th marked the fifteen-year anniversary of TCD's official status as a non-profit corporation. This milestone is an excellent opportunity to reflect upon the enduring spirit and dedication of our founders, and those who continue their efforts. Our humble beginning dates back to 1982, when eight or nine couples lined up on a front porch one summer evening for what would become our First Contra Dance. Today's membership of over 265 is evidence of how kindness and open acceptance can work to enrich the dance experience for all of us. Read More »

Sole on Ice by Mark Silver

October 01, 2001

In the 1960's Eldridge Cleaver coined the phrase, "You are either part of the solution, or you are part of the problem." In what follows, I know that I am part of the problem. It is my hope that, per Cleaver's admonition, I can become part of the solution instead. Read More »

Making a Connection by Jonathan Robie

October 01, 1999

For me, contra dance is all about hands, eyes, smiles, and warm contact, energized by the rhythm and the music in which we all move together. As many people retreat from human contact, spending more and more of their lives in front of the television and hooked on the Internet, contra dance is a reminder that human beings need to touch and be touched, to smile and be smiled at, and to make contact. Read More »

Contra Flirting by Stephen Treimel

December 01, 1997

It occurred during our yearly dance weekend. I was spinning with someone special. I flirted. She scowled. YOW! Read More »