New Community Guidelines

Dear Dancers,

This year began a journey for us to create community guidelines that embody the welcoming spirit of TCD. The process began at our February board meeting where members of the community asked if we had these guidelines and if not, how can we go about building something that represents what TCD is. Some of the initial stages involved drawing from other communities we feel embody what TCD strives to be and came up with a few starting phrases to help shape the discussion. At Spring Dance Romance, we invited dancers to express what TCD means to them and asked for input on the initial suggestions. We sent out a lengthy survey in the summer asking for feedback on a more refined set of guidelines. The survey received over 100 responses and many well thought out comments on how can we make each of these guidelines even better. We appreciate the level of engagement by the community and because of all of the input received, we feel very confident that what we have come up with represents the core of TCD. Because our community is always changing and growing, we understand that this is a journey that is never finished and always welcome feedback.

Thank you,

TCD Board

TCD is an inclusive community.  We want our dancers to…

Be friendly, polite and welcoming to all.

Welcome and dance with newcomers.

Ask anyone to dance, but also know that it is okay to politely decline a dance invitation, no explanation needed.

Dance either role, but never feel obligated to dance a role they don’t want to.


Contra dancing is based on communication and mutual consent.  Be sure to…

Ask your partner about flourishes before the dance begins.

Listen to the caller.

Thank your partner after a dance!


Physical, emotional and social safety are important. To promote a safe dance space, please…

Dance graciously and safely with whoever is coming towards you. While you can choose your partner, you can’t choose your neighbors.

Stay in your "space" and try not to be late.  But if you do mess up, the best way to deal with your misstep is a laugh or smile!  Have fun but don't make fun of someone.

Feel empowered to approach someone directly if they are not following the guidelines.

Take any concerns to the Board Member on Duty. Harassment of any kind or disruptive behaviors will not be tolerated.

TCD is a volunteer organization.  Look for ways you can help the community!